Worksite Information Packs

Our worksite information packs are produced weekly and contains all the information to maximise safety and successfully deliver works within the engineering worksites.

A Bit More About Our Approach

C&G Systems created the Worksite Information Pack as an aid to anyone working within our Projects.  We bring together the Weekly Operating Notice, EPOS, Planned Works of all work deliverers and a diagram of the locations involved.

 The information is all in one place to give a clear picture of the worksites people are signing into.  All RRV’s, Trains, Exclusion Zones and areas of Wheels Free are highlighted to ensure all planners and staff have clear visibility prior to the Construction Meeting and more importantly…. Prior to staff going on site.

 This results in better productivity on site and gives a clearer picture of the worksite, creating a safer environment for everyone involved.


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