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Checkpoint is a Site Access and Performance Improvement System

 Developed in 2012 to ensure compliance with:

• CDM regulation 22

• H&SE, NWR and ORR regulations

• Fatigue monitoring

• Legal control measure to control site access

Proven track record (used on the largest projects in Scotland – credible source of data and reporting amongst Principal Contractors and Network Rail alike.

 Designed by rail professionals to allow contractors to effectively manage personnel, activities, fatigue, performance and claims.

 Operated by experienced railway personnel, who hold PTS as a minimum.

 Modular System (choose the elements to suit you)

 As we are a software development company, we can tailor and design solutions specifically for clients.

 Endorsed by clients, including Network Rail.


  • Site Coordinator Based at Checkpoint HQ
  • Collate all site information required by Client
  • Conduit between Project and Site
  • Substantiate / Defend against Claims
  • Log and assign Accidents/Incidents/Close Calls

Checkpoint Control allows clients to track the progress of their projects and contractors in a live environment. Trends are analysed and efficiencies identified. Determine why an activity took longer than planned – late design, unforeseen ground conditions, weather, or supplier problems Quantify the impact and what action must be taken in future.

  • SAC based on site or at Checkpoint HQ
  • Competency & Induction Management
  • PPE Checks
  • Control Access & Egress from Site
  • Restrict Sign In from Roster / Race Card
  • Adhere to working time regulations

Site Access allows personnel to be signed in and out of site.  Signing in can be restricted to who appears on the Race Card to ensure that only rostered personnel are granted access.  Competency and induction checks are carried out to ensure validity.  Postcode software is used to make sure travel time is added to working time.

  • Manage Personnel Fatigue in line with HSE Standard
  • Ensure no breach of fatigue matrix or hidden
  • Use actual Sign In data and Race Card
  • to calculate Fatigue Index

Fatigue Management allows clients to monitor personnel fatigue in line with the HSE standards. In conjunction with the Racecard, ensure that any potential breaches of fatigue are identified and stopped before the finalising of the roster.

  • Credible system with proven industry track record
  • Classic Feature List Item
  • Activity Tracker
  • Commercial Claim Substantiation
  • Accident / Incident / Close Call Management

Performance & Claims Manager records downtime and the curtailment of work which can help to justify or defend loss of production or an extension of time to the project.

Checkpoint has been used to successfully substantiate over £140m loss of production commercial claims.

  • Roster Personnel to Projects
  • Upload & Build Race Cards
  • Assign Personnel to Work Types

Roster Manager allows Race Cards to be built up on the system, and assign personnel to projects.

Information from Race Cards can then be used in conjunction with the Site Access system to restrict access to site and manage personnel fatigue.

  • Site Access Reports
  • Race Card v Actual Reports
  • Control Log reports
  • Available working time reports
  • Summary Reports with lost time delay attribution
  • Cumulative Performance Reports

Checkpoint offers a number of standard and bespoke reports.

Reports from Checkpoint have been used to successfully substantiate over £140m loss of production commercial claims.

Clients are able to set the parameters for what information should be collected and analysed, and reports can be tailored to our clients’ requirements.

Our clients


Stirling, Dunblane & Alloa (SDA)
Edinburgh to Glasgow (EGIP)
Glasgow South Suburban Renewals (GSSR)
Paisley Interlocking Renewals Project
Stirling Resignalling
Bowesfield Resignalling
Manchester Resignalling
Paisley Corridor Improvements (PCI)
Polmadie & Rutherglen Renewals (PARR)