Your Trusted Possession Planning Partner

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When it comes to railway possession planning, you need a team that understands the intricacies and complexities of large-scale projects. At C&G Systems, we offer unparalleled expertise in possession planning services, backed by a track record of success on some of Scotland’s most significant rail projects. Trust us to manage your possession planning needs with efficiency, precision, and a deep understanding of operational requirements.

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Extensive Operational Experience: Our planning team comprises professionals who have served in various operational roles, giving them invaluable firsthand knowledge of on-site conditions. This experience allows us to grasp the unique challenges and requirements of your project, ensuring a comprehensive and practical approach to possession planning. Meticulous Attention to Detail: We leave no stone unturned when it comes to planning your possessions. Our dedicated planners conduct thorough assessments, meticulously checking all aspects, including trains, potential disruptions, and other planned works in the vicinity that might impact timelines and productivity. This attention to detail minimises risks and maximises the efficiency of your possession arrangements.

Optimal Access Point Selection: We go beyond simply booking worksite limits. Our team interrogates plans and access points, meticulously choosing the safest and most efficient access and blocking points for your project. By considering all factors and leveraging our expertise, we ensure a seamless workflow while prioritising safety. Strong Network Rail Partnerships: Building strong relationships is at the core of our approach. We have cultivated excellent connections with Network Rail’s planning teams and contractors, enabling us to navigate track access negotiations smoothly. Our familiarity with the planners and our extensive training programs ensure that we can secure critical resources, such as CRFs and multiple machine accesses, to deliver a robust plan that safeguards your project’s success.

Expertise in Isolation Planning: We have a deep understanding of isolation requirements and maintain solid relationships with Network Rail’s isolation planning team. Our planners, equipped with Authorised Person (AP) tickets, are well-versed in isolation procedures, ensuring that we meet the isolation planner’s needs seamlessly. You can trust us to coordinate and organise isolations effectively, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your possession works.

Site-Specific Safe Work Packs: We don’t settle for generic solutions. Each safe work pack we create is tailored to your site, ensuring that all open lines are comprehensively included. Our meticulous approach guarantees that safety protocols are properly addressed, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Project Experience: Our planning team has a proven track record of successful possession planning, safe work pack production, and project diagram creation for Clients and Projects including

• Network Rail – ASPRO Scotland

• Network Rail – Works Delivery Scotland

• CPR Scotland – Various Projects

• XYZ – Various Projects

• MP&I – Various Projects

• Siemens – Glasgow South Suburban Renewals (GSSR),

Glasgow Central Interlocking Renewals (GCIR), Paisley

Corridor Interlocking (PCI),

• Alstom, Babcock & Costain Alliance – Edinburgh to

Glasgow Improvement Project (EGIP),

• Costain – Stirling, Dunblane & Alloa (SDA)

• BAM Nuttall – Highland Enhancement Project (HEP)

• Babcock Projects & TRD – Various Projects

• Balfour Beatty – Various Projects

When it comes to railway possession planning, experience, attention to detail, and strong industry relationships matter. Trust C&G Systems to deliver efficient and reliable possession planning services tailored to your project’s unique requirements. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let our expertise drive your possession success.