Expert CAD Design and Printing Solutions for Comprehensive Project Visualisations


C&G Systems takes pride in offering exceptional CAD design and drawing services, based on TAP diagrams and quail maps, supported by our extensive geographical expertise. Our highly skilled CAD design team has successfully delivered outstanding results for prestigiou clients such as Siemens, SPL Powerlines, BAM Nuttall, and Costain on notable projects including Edinburgh CSR, Haymarket 2 Dalmeny, Barrhead East Kilbride, Highland Enhancement Project, EGIP, and SDA Projects.

Comprehensive Diagrams Tailored to Your Needs

Our diagram services cater to a wide range of complexities, ensuring that every detail is accurately represented. 

• Line Speeds and Mileages: Clear depiction of line speeds and mileages for effective planning and operations.

• Direction of Travel: Visual representation of the direction of travel

• Signal Numbers and Aspects: Detailed display of signal numbers and aspects, ensuring clarity and easy identification.

• Bridges and Access Points: Inclusion of bridges and access points, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the layout.

• Points Numbers: Precise depiction of points numbers and locations

• Machine and Pedestrian Access Points: Highlighting machine and pedestrian access points to ensure safe access.

• Line of Route and ELR: Visual mapping of the line of route and ELR, providing a clear overview.

• what3words locations: Integration of what3words locations for precise geolocation reference.

High-Quality Printing for Optimal Visibility

To further enhance visibility and accessibility on-site, we offer professional digital printing services for your diagrams. Choose from the following options


Vinyl Magnetic Rolls

Ideal for metal-walled site cabins, our vinyl magnetic rolls provide a flexible and convenient solution for displaying diagrams in a portable format.


Magnetically Receptive Sheet Steel Wall Panels

Designed for permanent installations, our magnetically receptive sheet steel wall panels offer a durable and visually impactful display option for diagrams.

Why Choose C&G Systems?

Expertise and Geographical Knowledge: With our CAD design team’s expertise and extensive geographical knowledge, we deliver accurate and comprehensive diagrams tailored to your project requirements.

Detail-Oriented Approach: We understand the importance of capturing even the most intricate details in your diagrams, ensuring clarity and precision. Trusted by Industry Leaders: Our services have been trusted by renowned clients in the industry, with successful collaborations on major projects, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Customisable Solutions

We work closely with you to understand your specific needs, allowing us to tailor our services and deliver visual solutions that meet your exact requirements.

Streamline your project’s visual communication and improve on-site visibility with C&G Systems Diagram and Visibility Board Services. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and leverage our expertise to enhance your project’s efficiency and effectiveness.